Go fishing and relax on my hithe

Your holiday of relaxing spent at me can be extended with angling.
You do not need no car to travel several kilometers a day, can enjoy the
summer cold beer without having to forego the joy of fishing and family proximity!
The pier is 30 m from the guest house!
But there are many possible ways of fishing,
like from shore or from boat. The hithe is not for only fishing, but sunbathing and relaxing as well.

Pictures of the pier


The pier is a perfect place for successful fishing for all species of fish in Lake Tisza.
There is a high chance of fishing for various rays bream, crucian carp, tench, carp, etc at my place fed
See a couple of pictures of what my guests caught and my own personal success.


Not just adults and men can boast of a good catch!



At spring- and fall-time, the Sarud Bay appears to be one of the best fishing places.
There are excellent places nearby for both pike and bass.


A real adventure and experience at night is experienced when catching cat-fish from boat.
I will give more information about catching cat-fish at night on the spot.
Feel free to get offered with an unforgettable program to spend on a summer evening.


River catfish crowns your patience and perseverance!

There are also some excellent places nearby for carp fishing.
To do this, I might provide a fishing boat! (6 people, rowing)


Least, the results are excellent!
(Around the area, You must have valid daily and areal ticket, and regulations must be obeyed!)

"The early angler catches the gold-fish" – the sunrise provides a truly memorable sight from the pier.


For further information:
tiszatovh@gmail.com             For more information, just e-mail