The cycle path around Lake Tisza

The Tisza-lake bikeway opened in 2007 ensures a truly memorable experience for all nature loving tourists.
During cycling, you could admire birds, wildlife of Lake Tisza.

The nearly 74-km-long bikeway is a real challenge to all riders.
(The right bank of the Tisza Lake is 24 km; meanwhile the left one is 50 km long)

Most of our tour is on the flood protection embankment, on a newly constructed cycling- way.

A bicycle tour can be a real relaxation when you may rest in the nature getting delighted
by rich variety of birds in flood areas.

The neighborhood is very rich in water-plants and birds, a lot of interesting
things are hidden which could be revealed in front of the interested, nature-loving tourists.

The barrage of Kisköre View is a great program!
For bicycle tours a limited number of bikes (6 bikes) can be provided.


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