Prices valid for the year of 2020

Adult (guest)5500 HUF / person / night
(large house min. price: 15,000 HUF )
(small house min. price: 10,000 HUF )
Child (guest from 2 to 14 years)2600 HUF / person / night
Caravan site user charges:
(In case you own caravan arrives)
1000 HUF / day
Accommodation fee:
(In case you own caravan arrives)
(In case you pier, bike, water bicycle, use )
1500 HUF / person / night
2000 HUF / person / night
Current user charges:
(In case you own caravan arrives)
1000 HUF / day
Tourist tax is not included in the prices!
(IFA: 300 HUF / person / night)
Under 2 year there is no fee even
staying in
the guest house or in the caravan!!

The following services are included in the price:
(Except for tents and caravans arriving specifically speaking only possible )

- , fishing, sunbathing or just relaxing (nonstop)
        (Click here)
                  (Fishing is only permitted with a valid territorial ticket!) - Water bicycle (suitable for swimming, shooting photos and fishing for 4-5 people)

- Bike Use (6pcs)
                                (Click here)

- Table-tennis and equipment           

- Roasting Jacks (with logs)           

- Grill (one dose of charcoal-blocks)           

- Kettle and Stand (with logs)           

- football and basketball           

- Badminton, equipment (with net)

- Foosball

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