Welcome to Sarud

Where is it anyway by the Tisza Lake?

And what about the guest house on Lake Tisza??

From Bird's eye view


The village is on the right bank of the Tisza Lake, located between Poroszló and Tiszanána. It provides a very
good opportunity especially for recreation near water, fishing, biking, swimming, boating. It is a village of
more centuries, in the year of 1332, in the rectorial tithes of 37th, it is mentioned as "Sorwld and Sorousd".
In the beginning, it was in royal property, later it became the property of the bishopric of Eger after an
exchange. In the early 1800s, along with Tiszanána it became the property of the Szatmár diocese.
Its old farmhouses serves beautiful sight for visitors.


The Sarud free aqueous beach and port, from bird’s-eye view.
The bay of Lake Tisza at Sarud serves an ideal place for family holiday, lovers of the wetlands, swimming,
fishing, and hiking enthusiasts.

The Sarud free aqueous beach 800 m away, and shallow water with sand-bank is popular
among the holidaymakers.

After escaping from the urban noise,
I can provide accommodation for families and group of friends that is calm and quiet.

Lake Tisza guest house
(Three sunflowered accommodation)

30 m from the shore of the Tisza Lake, our guests are welcome in calm surroundings.


In a common garden shared with the house-holders (9000 m2) but in a completely separated way, the rest is guaranteed


Our domestic animals are in from nature wild birds, which are"songs"beautiful charm of the morning wake up!


In winter the landscape is even more beautiful


Two dogs guard our dreams and calmness.
(in Holiday season they are kept in kennel!)


Here you find space for everything! Even you like football or cook outside !


Small cottage


The guesthouse has accommodation for 4 people, in-room TV, DVD.
Bed linen is provided, fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, dishes and cutlery).
Bathroom with separate toilet in the house.



Great guest-house


The guesthouse has accommodation for 6 people, a satellite TV , DVD.
Bed linen provided! With separated, well-equipped kitchen

(refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, dishes and cutlery).

The apartment has a separate bathroom and toilet


Facility for cooking outside, roasting, grilling which I provide logs and pot.
Basketball, backboard basketball, table tennis equipment, football, canoe
(3 people), bicycles (6 people), water cycling (5 people), a rowing boat (6 people)
available for our guests!
Parking for free in closed yard! (More cars).
During your stay your boat finds a place I can guarantee at my hithe!

How to get to us!
142 km, travel time approx. 1 hour 30 minutes.
Sarud-Debrecen: 94 km, travel time approx. 1 hour 26 minutes.
Sarud-Nyíregyháza: 132 km, travel time approx. 1 hour 38 minutes.
Sarud-Szeged: 187 km, travel time approx. 3 hours.
   GPS:      Latitude: 47.56910°      longitude: 20.60660°

(When using GPS, turn on the "trip permit is required" mode!)


For further information:
tiszatovh@gmail.com             For more information, just e-mail